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Jessica was born in Santiago Chile (1972); one year after this, the dictatorship of Pinochet hit her country and stayed there for 17 long years.

She always loved drawing, but her art got severely repressed by the military-based school system where she was "trained".

She stopped doing art at the age of 17.

She and her husband moved to Canada in 2005 (the country where her beloved older brother had moved to in 1989), and there is where she decided to resume her art at 33 years old.

She and her older brother grew up parent-less under the care of relatives. 

Jessica is a visual artist and writer. 

She is a published author of three books for children and one of poetry. 

She has studied Sales and Advertisement (no something she had practiced), Art, Social Development, Natural Nutrition , Life Coaching and Educational Management.

Mindsight and brain development have also been her main focus along her path in order to heal her own traumas and give her child a better life... but what she enjoys the most, is her time with her family and homeschool her child, so she can take her everywhere to explore the world and learn from real life experiences

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